The Little Things

So,  I've been going through my things and starting to get rid of stuff that I don't need/want.  Going through bit by bit to try and pare down my life.  It's a challenge.  I've come to realize that I've let too many of the small things that need to be done build up until they are a great big mound of Things That Need To Be Done.

With my birthday coming up in two days, I've decided that going into my 31st year on this Earth, I need to start taking better care of the small stuff.  Not sitting around on Facebook, or other social networking sites as much.  I like to sit down and, "just check my email..." and that turns into a 45 minute process for deleting 4 pieces of spam, and scrolling through a bunch of stuff that I've already seen six times this afternoon, so why do I need to see it again?

I've been finding that taking care of the small  things in life, gives me more time to do the things that I enjoy, such as my knitting, or spinning, or just curling up with a book.  Because I'm slowly paring stuff down, there is less and less that I really need to deal with, thus allowing me more time to enjoy my life.  A beautiful cycle. 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday. Don't pare down too much. You will find yourself wanting it later.

  2. I found you on my Ravelry group...looked at your beautiful cabled scarf and wound up here...talk about social sites. lol But what you said in your post rang so true for me. Facebook used to eat me alive and I was losing so much time so I backed away from it. Now I use that time to cultivate a life that nurtures and supports me and I feel so much more alive and in tune with myself.

    I wish you the same sense of finding yourself and creating a life that allows you to grow in harmony with your talents.

    From one Aries (mine was the 10th) to another - Happy Birthday even it if it is belated. :)

  3. I only plan on paring down that which either doesn't fit, have no emotion attachment to, or have not used in a year or more. when you get right down to it, that's a lot of stuff. My thought is that if I haven't thought about it or used in all that time, then it has served it's purpose and is time to let it go.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes Ruinwen!