Part one: Living Simply

 In perusing the message boards on Ravelry.com I came across a thread that was posing the question of "Are living Simply, and Living Frugally the same? Or would they be mutually exclusive?"

The responses on the message board were ranging far and wide, and everything in between.  I would like to explore this.

For some, the idea of Living Simple is having fewer possessions, and making the most out of what we do have.   For others, it's about time management.  For others still, its about reducing the amount of stress and drama in their lives.   And then there is the whole aspect of environmentally sound decision making.

I like to think that it is a pleasant mix of all of the above.  As I've said in previous posts,  I'm going through my mounds of clothes that I never wear anymore, or are too small (I've grown a little bit robust in recent years).  I've been washing them piling them up as I come across them; and donating them to someone that can use them.  I am also trying to get rid of the pile of odds and ends that I've accumulated for no apparent reason, and question why I really have said random object?

Perhaps the biggest step I've taken in living a simpler life is not feeling the urge to be involved in everything that I used to.   I'm now to a point where I can pick and choose what I need/want to be involved in.   I don't think it's necessary for have to go to the clubs anymore.  Gods only know how much money I spent doing that.   I like to spend more time at home with my partner, spinning or knitting, or (UGH) housework.   I find that I have less tolerance for crowds, or whiney people, or people that

I'm still working on the time management issue.  The dishes don't always get put in the dishwasher when they need to, and the laundry never gets put away right as it's coming out of the dryer.  I have too much spinning to and two adorable puppies to play with.

But it's a process.  And one that I'm looking forward to seeing out.  I want to enjoy the moment, and live for the simple pleasures in life.  Even if it means taking time to let the dogs out to sniff the air.

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  1. De-cluttering...paring down...call it what you will is usually a superhuman effort. Sounds like you're doing a great job if stuff is actually being removed from the house and not just being earmarked for removal.
    Re the time management issue. You mentioned things like putting away dishes and laundry. My question to you is - Does this matter? Other than a full dishwasher slows down the cleaning process and you might need to press a shirt if it's been a pile for a few days. Does it really matter if it didn't get done right away?
    I agree that time to create and time to play with the dogs is valuable but because that value isn't generally recognized in this society we push it aside. I think your spinning looks great, the dogs look happy (and you don't have a pile of crap on the stairs which puts you further ahead than me).